Consistency is Key...


It's often said that consistency yields results. It's also known that it's hard to build anything without giving frequent and sustained effort. NOTHING works without consistency. Not a relationship, building a brand or career...not even good credit lol. You have to begin it and stay with it for the long haul. The only thing that will change is that you will move from working to establish to maintaining or exceeding the original goal. So the type of work will change but not the need for the WORK. Sheesh! As I'm building a my professional brand in music, I am reminded of this continually. There are lots of winding roads, big highs and lows, morale-crushing disappointments, and life-changing successful moments. Whatever the formula, there is one constant and that is work. No goal is a match for hard work and what my Aunt Pat calls "a made-up mind"!

I've made up my mind that I'm getting back to optimal health - vocal, mental, and emotional. And... a commitment to top physical fitness. I'm working out three times a week - minimally, meal prepping and planning my time wisely. Time is money. I need to be laser-focused and very selective with my time and energy. With everyday that passes and all of the pain and drama in the world - what I can't  do anymore is not treat life that the gift it is. We only get ONE LIFE. ONE! I'm choosing all things excellent. Excellent use of my treasured gift and talents- singing and songwriting and all my skills - communications, community building and strategy development. I'm handling my business financially, in my career and in my relationships through consistent effort and daily decisions that getting me closer to my long-term goals.  

I consistently choose me. I'm not waiting to be chosen. A very valuable lesson that I've learned in this season in life is that creativity is bound to consistency. Sometimes to consistently do a thing - whether that's perform a certain amount of shows per month, record or write a number of songs in a year or save a certain amount of money - we have to create the plan or method that allows us to be consistent. Perhaps performing consistency means creating a show experience that you produce. Maybe writing those songs comes out of a singer  and musician workshop or saving that money means creating a budget and plan tailored to your lifestyle and most important goals. Maybe you're the one you've been waiting for in your search for the one thing that inspires consistency in your life. Just maybe you need to CREATE the CONSISTENCY you seek. I did. 

Pics from the journey.... You can't cheat the work. Honor your process. 

April 2019 (Left) August 2019 (Right)









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