Epiphanies and other moments of grandeur

Chrisette Michele has a song called 'Epiphany' that I used to perform quite regularly. It's all about coming to a profound realization about a relationship. Ultimately, she determines that it's over and she's leaving. She has decided that she deserves better and that at the end of the day, finding that better is up to her. She has to create a space where this "better" can manifest and she can experience love and life, genuinely and fully.  And so it is with me and the epiphanies I've had in recent weeks. Chief amongst my realizations is that what I'm really looking for - isn't going to show up for me in the way my spirit envisions it. No, I'll have to pray for it, develop it, take risks I've been previously unwilling to take. I'll have to create my own place, build my own table and chairs, secure the WIFI and call the dayum meeting myself. It's not coming magnificently wrapped in a Tiffany's box, nor will it be hand-delivered from any benefactor, friend or supporter. Nawl, this is on me. Brick, by brick I'll need to build it, give myself permission to ball out, boss up, and ascend. In all honesty, it's very frustrating to sit and wait for someone...anyone else to green light what's for you. Frustrating, not because of lack of patience but because you've in a sense given away your power by way of looking for approval. The Bible says that God opens doors that no man can shut. GOD OPENS DOORS, not man. So if I have a purpose that I know He's given me...I already have the keys.  




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