November 2011 - Souliloquy 

Souliloquy - November 2011

Hi Soulsinger Fam! Hope this note finds you well. So listen, I'ma address this upfront didn't get an October newsletter. ::pause:: I know....but I did say wait for it before we all got hyped lol!!! So I tried, but alas, it didn't happen. It's November and well... here it is.

Sophomore CD Project: It's moving, albeit slowly. I am currently working on the next track. Hope to get it recorded this month. I'm enlisting some musical heavyweights to ensure the track is hot like fiyah. This one is more uptempo. Very indicative of where I'm at right now. Ow...this one is kinda personal :-)

Soulsinger Campaign Update: The campaign officially wrapped on September 30, 2011. I raised $800.00 of my $3500.00 goal. Thanks!!! I really appreciate your support. A few of you still wanted to donate. You can via the GoFundMe link. There are some forthcoming perks once the CD is completed. In the meantime, I've created the Community page to thank all of my supporters.

The.Anthem: You already know. It's for sale. :-) So please support independent music. If you have it, the holidays are coming so you can share the gift of good music with them. Purchase the actual CD from You can also download from iTunes, VCast music (my Verizon Wireless subscribers), and all your fave digi outlets.

The Soulsinger Movement: Right now I have 465 fans on Facebook. I'm looking for 35 folks to like the page so we can get to 500!!! I know way more than 35 people like The.Anthem and more than that have come out to my shows :-) Like my page and let's keep spreading the word about good music.

I'm also on Twitter. I share updates, a-Ha moments, the philosophy according to Wendy Mc and honestly sometimes, random stuff I just thought you should know. Follow me.

Wendy Mc is International!

I want to give a special shout out to Facebook Fam member Geofrey Fletcher for his feature on me and my project on Neo2Soul, a UK music blog. You can check it out here.

Coming Up:

**December 2011** - Virtual Soulsinger Concert. Stay tuned for details and how you can purchase tix. This is gonna be fun!!

**FREE MUSIC** (Please sign up for the mailing list so you can receive a copy of the newsletter w/download option)

Sharing really is Caring: I've included a giveaway of one of the tracks on The.Anthem. Share it with your friends. Sometimes we just gotta say how we feel about a thing.... "It's You That I Want" gets right to the point. Enjoy.

Thank you again for all of your support!

God bless!
~Wendy McIntyre is the Ladysoulsinger

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