From Soulsinger to Fraggle Rock

Hey Ya'll! *waving* It's the Ladysoulsinger stopping in to see what's good with the fam.  Why is it only Tuesday and I feel like it should be Friday already. Lol. Heck I had Monday off :-| so you know this isn't good. Anyway as usual, my schedule is bananas, but that's good. Better to be in demand than not huh? I'm preparing for two shows, a studio session and song with the combined Choir for Easter Sunday. Busy bee, that's me. My goal during this busy season is to keep as much balance as I can between my full-time job, music, and life in general. Well they said God always laughs when you make a plan right? #truth

This week starts off well enough...I mean it's only Tuesday right. I get myself ready for work, running late as usual. My bad, Lord knows I try, but 6:15 comes early ya heard. Anyway back to my story. I get my breakfast, beat the face, etc. I know its going to rain so in addition to my gym bag, purse, both phones (don't ask), and coffee cup *whew I'm tired*, I need to get my umbrella. I finally make it to the car...yay me. 495 has some traffic but despite being stuck in it, I'm in a pretty good mood. I arrive at Greenbelt Metro about 30 minutes later. As soon as I pull into the parking space *pauses*, the monsoon hits. For real? Now? Y meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? So you know what I did? Sipped more coffee. I can't even do this right now. Ugh. I wait and it seems to slack off a little bit right? Wrong, I open the car door and it s like I'm an extra in the Wizard of Oz.. So I hold the umbrella on one side, grab all my stuff (see above) and walk the plank (big old parking lot). When I arrive at the platform, I am SOAKED. Pants wet, shoes wet, umbrella looking like I've been in a fight and my Hair...LAWD have mercy. I look like FRAGGLE ROCK!!!!  To say that I'm bitter is the least of it. Whatever.

I arrive at work, and start to get it cracking. I mean I have bills so it would behoove me to do my job. I'm moving along and decide, it's gym time around 12:45. I reach for my gym back to make sure I have what I need. My pants are wet. Inside the bag, the pants got wet? ::gas face:: My shoes are wet. ::loud sigh:: Since I have multiple gym outfits, I reach for the dry pair and keep it moving. Shoes still wet, but I got to go. Cardio is a sucess. Back to work. Crank out some more hits and we coast into 5:00. Commute, dinner, rehearsal. Repeat tomorrow. The life of soulsinger. It is what it is. And it's worth it, even on the days when you look like Fraggle Rock. Later ya'll.

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