Diary of A Soulsinger

November 2011 - Souliloquy  

Souliloquy - November 2011

Hi Soulsinger Fam! Hope this note finds you well. So listen, I'ma address this upfront lol...you didn't get an October newsletter. ::pause:: I know....but I did say wait for it before we all got hyped lol!!! So I tried, but alas, it didn't happen. It's November and well... here it is.

Sophomore CD Project: It's moving, albeit slowly. I am currently working on the next track. Hope to get it recorded this month. I'm enlisting some musical heavyweights to ensure the track is hot…Read more

From Soulsinger to Fraggle Rock  

Hey Ya'll! *waving* It's the Ladysoulsinger stopping in to see what's good with the fam.  Why is it only Tuesday and I feel like it should be Friday already. Lol. Heck I had Monday off :-| so you know this isn't good. Anyway as usual, my schedule is bananas, but that's good. Better to be in demand than not huh? I'm preparing for two shows, a studio session and song with the combined Choir for Easter Sunday. Busy bee, that's me. My goal during this busy season is to keep as much balance as I can between my…Read more

Y Blog? 

What's up Ladysoulsinger Fam! Anybody who knows me knows that I keep it real. ::Sigh:: So much goes on in life that we are experiencing but to actually put it out there...like yeah this is really what's good.... we don't always get around to. The Diary of a Soulsinger is a regular, everyday account of what it takes to maintain my life, aspire to music success, navigate this challenging industry, keep relationships together and all the mishaps, and craziness that happens in between. :-)  Sometimes it will be…Read more

Where It All Begins

What's up Soulsinger Fam? I haven't written a blog in a loooooooooooong time. Mostly I share my thoughts and random musings on Facebook. However, I really want to connect with people more consistently so I thought hmmm, I have a blog, why not start there. So here goes. I've been thinking a lot lately about moving to the next level in a number of areas of in my life. Obviously with my music career, but also in my personal life. I have several goals including increasing my fitness level, eating healthier and losing some additional pounds. And while I've been working on these goals for some time, I'm not where I want to be. I had to keep it "gully" with myself and really say "Why not?" Why am I not “there” yet?
To answer bluntly, I believe its lack of consistency. With the exception of working out, I haven’t been consistent.  I also haven’t made some of the sacrifices I need to make. Real talk. I’ve sacrificed money, time, sleep, yes but honestly, I haven’t made all the “right” sacrifices. In order to be at the top of my game, I can’t be at all the parties/events/bar mitzvahs, be an active member of SEVERAL organizations, and be “Super Wendy Mc” for the whole world and be a really great artist. Not without coming apart at the seams, and never actually being present in the moment. And for me – at this time in my life , that’s really important. Really being present in the moment, on the journey. BEING THERE, really basking in each step as I take it. That’s especially true for my performances. I really want to give it all I have, but sometimes by the time I get to the stage, I am plain worn out lol. I’ve probably worked all day, done a commute, done my “superman/change in the phone booth” Soulsinger transformation – hair, makeup, outfit, errything done, so I’m beat. I still have to reach down deep and pull out a great performance. One, because I really wanna share my gift with my audience and make it a special experience for everyone. And secondly because if you came out to see me, you deserve my best.
The other reason, I feel I’m missing the mark is preparation. What I want to achieve – a new album, performing consistently across the country, establishing a brand takes prep work. I have to set my goals and mini goals so that I have measurable steps that I can hold myself accountable to. This going to be difficult but with focus, a clear vision of where I want to go, I can do it. I also need a team. I can’t do this alone anymore. I’ve done a lot of hard work over the years. I executive produced my debut EP. I’ve booked and done the marketing and promo for most of my shows. I’ve been the negotiator with photographers, web designers, show promoters, makeup artists, and stylists. Almost anything that you can imagine an independent artist would have to manage, I’ve probably done it.
Now, I’m in a different season. In this season, I’m going to cut back. I need to focus my energies on being the best me. I don’t have forever to get there. Contrary to popular belief, the future is not promised. We only have today. So that said, I need to get down to the get down, RIGHT NOW. This blog post, imperfect as it may be, is the first step.
Next up, I’ll begin weekly planning meetings with myself to set the week’s goals so by month’s end I’m closer to a milestone. This will include the prep work, I mentioned. Things such as shopping lists for my healthy food options. When you don’t have food at home, you eat out. When you eat out more than you cook, you don’t control what you’re eating. This will help me lose those pounds I talked about. I will do at least one weekend workout. It may be cardio, maybe walking outside, but I will be moving. Weekends aren’t my time off anymore. I have to get in 5 days, the end. Folk laugh at me, because I’m not an early bird. I could sleep all morning if you let me. So it’s quite ironic, that I suffer from occasional insomnia. In all honesty, it’s usually induced by stress or overcommitting myself. No more. Starting today, I will be saying no to a few more things so I can say YES to opportunities that help me be the best me. And I will be getting more rest.
What are your goals for this season? God bless you and thanks for reading my post.

Staying Focused In the Midst of Challenges

~May 12, 2015

That’s the story of life right? To keep going when obstacle after obstacle keeps interrupting the master plan you have for your life. Who doesn’t have an issue they would rather not be dealing with? Yet we go on. As an artist, a lot of things are subject to how we feel, what we’re in the mood/space/moment to create. So obviously our creative output can be affected if we’re not creating it under the best of circumstances. So, I got to thinking…how and why do I continue to sing, make music, write … try to exist in this unstable industry at one of the least secure periods of my life? For me it’s simple, why I CONTINUE to do anything is in direct correlation to why I started doing it in the first place. As I look for employment so I can finance my life and my music, I remember I continue because I have to.


I sing because I HAVE TO. I’m very clear that God has given me a very special gift. He uses my talent to impact others. Often times, when I’m called upon to share my gift, I’m already exhausted. No lie. It just happens that way. I’m generally hoping that I don’t sound as tired as I feel lol. The stage is the destination so by the time I arrive there I’ve traveled many roads. Most likely I’ve been to work [when I had a 9-5], dealt with some ‘special’ people i.e. co-workers, rude Metro riders, random people during my commute, another Metro ride, more rude people, traffic, rehearsals, different temperaments, traveled to said gig, done my hair and/or makeup in the car, at work or in a suspect venue’s bathroom <===== *side eye* and then I go to rock the mic. So at this point, I’m like Jesus, be the notes, some energy, a pleasant expression and the right key! However, I still keep doing it because I know that it’s my calling… my commission, if you will.


To stay focused on my commission, I talk to God a lot. I sing when I don’t get booked for the gig I wanted. I sing on days when I’m tired. I listen to the music of other artists — independent and signed, to be reminded of what is possible if I don’t give up. I try to support other artists, by posting their show flyers or links to their music and by supporting THEIR shows. I let other artists know how much I appreciate the sharing of their gift with ME. I BUY music. And honestly, it’s not because I’m so great…always cheerful, handing out lollipops, a proverbial ray of sunshine who has it altogether. I do it simply because it’s good to do and I don’t trip on other people’s success. I feel like if you win, I win. Good music is good music. I don’t care who’s making it as long as it’s bomb. I’m not really threatened by other folx’s success because for real there’s only one Wendy Mc. I’ma do what I do and those who dig it - will. *mic drop* We can call shine so I don’t have to feel like we’re competing. I mean somebody might be, but I only generally compete with myself. I’m just trying to be a better version of myself than I was the last time. *shrug*


In the ‘industry’ there can be disappointments, lots of ‘no’s’, a lack of call backs. I’ve learned that creating the opportunities you wish for makes the ‘no’ ministry a lot easier to take. Also if I’m working on my craft and putting my time into my brand and my projects then I’m busy preparing. If I’m busy preparing, I’m not paying attention to the fact that you aren’t calling lol. Cause I’m busy ….working so that when I get a call or when the concept I’ve created goes from idea to execution…I’m on point.


The other thing I’m working on is visionary aspect of this thing. In my head I know exactly how this whole journey is supposed to play out. And also in my head there are other people who know without me saying anything…what needs to happen for this vision to become reality. In real life, where the real people live, you have to communicate and you have to open yourself up to people with the skills and personality traits that you don’t have. I’m unfortunately a lone ranger by nature and by birth. The only child struggle is real. Trusting people with something important to me is hard. I’m getting better but I’m light years away from the point complete evolution in this area. However, assembling a team or as my Soror says “a board of directors” is key. I have some trusted people on my support team but going forward I’ll need a team of experts along with “my A1 since Day 1 crew”. Really successful people don’t try to do it all. They leverage the talents of others to create something that makes everyone involved stronger and more prepared to go forward and do even greater things.


And since I’m keeping it #1hunnit, I’ll say some days it’s hard and I’m over it. Sometimes, I’m just not having a good day and I’m sure if this record is gonna get finished. Some days I’m down. Some days, I’m two seconds from breaking on somebody who said something rude, was unprofessional or otherwise getting on my dayum nerves. I have to talk to myself in my Kevin Hart voice “No, no…..don’t [insert ignorant thing I’m about to say or do.]” and keep it moving. And on more times than I would prefer, despite my best effort - sometimes the notes just don’t come out right and they’re flat, sharp or downright turlbo (terrible). I remind myself to do the best I can with the moment I’m in. Prayerfully, tomorrow is another day to try again and get it right.